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Transform your space with Eco Design Group: Expertise in luxury bathrooms, designer kitchens, and bespoke interior solutions. From architectural vision to construction reality, we craft your ideal environment.

Service Spectrum at Eco Design Group

At Eco Design Group, we offer a wide range of custom services that are made to strike the right balance between luxury and practicality. Each selected service is made to meet your specific interior design goals, and they are all now easy to find and look at.


Our team fully understand

how vital heating and running

water systems are.


We specialise in creating

bespoke kitchen services that

are energy efficient.

Interior Design

Eco Design Group wants the

best for your home, so you

get the best service we have.

Bespoke Design

Our creativity does not

stop at bathrooms and

kitchens, we do even more.


Let us help you build

your dream home. We offer

advice through every step.

Project Managers Project Managers


Our highly skilled and

qualified builders are here

and ready to help.

Why you should choose Eco Design Group

We always take the time needed to evaluate and fill the requirements that your projects presents. Our customer needs are our top priority and we will respect your decision throughout the bespoke design process.

Eco Design is also driven by the quality of its results. We would like to take this opportunity to ensure that our products match, and even exceed, your standard of quality. Our work ethic offers a flexible schedule for you to fit our services around your time. We will go above and beyond in providing you with reliable and renewable products. Whether you’re new or familiar with interior design, we can keep you informed and give you the best possible advice throughout the entire process.

Contact us if you have any enquiries or projects in mind!

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What our customers are saying

“Great work, great time keeping and thank you for staying within the social distance rules and keeping everything at a high standard of cleanliness. Great job and strongly recommended.”

– Colin

“Very good and reasonably priced. Strongly recommend!”

– Mrs W.

“Shower looked great and they had to do more work than anticipated in order to fix a previous tradesman’s bad work. Great workmanship and will definitely be using them again.”

– Mark

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