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Architectural free design services Architectural free design services

Architectural Services

At Eco Design we are excited at taking part in your project aspirations, whatever the size or scale. Starting from our first meeting, our top priority will be to ensure all your design needs are met and satisfied.

Are you thinking of exploring the potential of your property? Here at Eco Design group we have the set of skills and the expertise to guide you through the whole process from an idea to a reality. 

Unlock the full potential of your property with a dynamic combination of architectural design and a kitchen design to enable you to make the most of your space and elevate the functionality, aesthetics and value of your home. 

Always consider the requirements for Planning Permission and Building Regulations. 

    • When it comes to extensions, Planning Permission is key to controlling the impact on neighboring properties. Planning controls the impact to neighbouring properties. Small extensions may be automatically granted through permitted development rights (the planning portal outlines what can be achieved with PDR without the need for a formal application) if your extension exceeds the parameters of PDR, a planning application will be required. Eco Design group can advise and support you through this process.
    • Building control ensures your extension meets Building Regulations Approved Documents Standards. This is required for all developments. Eco Design Group in combination with a structural engineer and builders can support you through the process and provide the necessary drawings to obtain Building Regulations approval.

Our Process

Once we have agreed on the requirements of your extension project, we can put our expertise into good use by providing you with the perfect solution. Our dedicated team of experienced designers will work closely with  you to achieve the perfect solution from concept to reality.

1. Preparation and Brief

Following the brief and the ideas, a survey of the property will be required to start the design and planning process. We will explore the best solution to suit your requirements.

2. Concept Design and Planning

Once we have the existing building drawings, we can start the process of designing and producing the desired layout and space to suit your lifestyle. When you are satisfied with the design, we can start the process of submitting the proposed design for planning approval.

3. Building Regulations

Following planning approval, the final stage would be to obtain Building Regulations approval. Our team will be able to prepare the required technical drawings package to obtain Building Regulations approval.

Trust us to be your partner in achieving a seamless and successful extension project. With our expertise, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of Planning Permission and Building Control, along with design, supply and fitting, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Examples of our Project Visualisations

Benefits of our system

The following qualities are what Eco Design Group offers to customers who select our architectural services:

Reduced Costs

The cost of preparing items such as drafts, drawings and project specifications are greatly reduced.

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround time, meaning you will receive customer service and satisfaction at a faster rate.

Professional Network

Our team members are always here to provide services by digital means. However, in cases where they may not be able to handle your request directly, it may (with your permission) be passed on to another expert in our team or with one of our partners who may have more specific knowledge to handle your request.

The partners and suppliers of Eco Design Group follow the work ethic when it comes to outsourcing so it would be wise to make the most of our professional network with your inspired interior design vision.

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