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Eco Design Group offers a reliable and customer-friendly service to supply and fit for your dream home. We want to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

How We Can Help

Eco Design Group offers a prompt and reliable construction service that keeps you in the loop throughout. We want our customers to feel that their projects are in our safe and experienced hands.

While our initial consultation is free, the final pricing depends entirely on what your project requires. This adds to the bespoke nature of our already highly personalised services. Take a look at our construction process to find out how we can get started on your project today!

1) Consultation

You can discuss your project with us to see how possible it is to achieve. Our expert team will evaluate the work required and let you know what the price would be.

2) Planning

Once we have agreed on what the size and scope of your project are, we can make plan sketches of how the project for your home could look.

3) Construction

Once the plan is finalised and agreed upon by both parties, the main step can begin! Our builders will do the work needed to make your dream a reality.

4) Monitoring

Throughout the construction process, you can monitor the progress we’re making on your vision and be part of the development story of your home.

5) Completion

The final, most satisfying part! You can admire the end result of our team’s execution of your idea. Your beautiful, new part of your home is here for you to enjoy.


“Exceptional-workmanship, attention to detail, imaginative design and a work ethic which is hard to find We are absolutely delighted with the finished product which exceeded our expectations”

– Angela

“the work was conducted during lockdown supplies and material was difficult but Vilius persevered and the workmanship was of a very high standard”

– Colin

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