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Made to order kitchen and bathroom tiles Made to order kitchen and bathroom tiles

Bespoke Works & Products

Whether you want a personalised wood basin, epoxy resin table, bespoke walling or tiling, Eco Design Group has you covered!

See our range of custom projects below to see how you can customise your home.

What We Offer

We use a variety of renewable and sustainable materials in our design projects. While we specialise in providing you with expert bathroom and kitchen designs, we can use our available resources to help you create you dream living environment.

We make the process very easy, from the initial designing stage, our expert designers will know exactly what you want for your new home and will help you design the perfect layout using custom-made products and materials that our customers want.

Take a look below at some of our exciting and latest bespoke product range!

Customised Products


Bespoke Wood & Resin Works

Bespoke worktops & shower

  • Marble effect tiles bathroom design bournemouth

Kitchen, wardrobes & cabinetry

Bespoke Works

Dive into our selection of bespoke works, where each piece is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation in custom-built solutions. From tailor-made kitchens that blend functionality with sophistication, to handcrafted bathrooms that serve as private sanctuaries, our featured projects stand as icons of personalized luxury and design.

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What people say about our bespoke services

“Exceptional-workmanship, attention to detail, imaginative design and a work ethic which is hard to find. We are absolutely delighted with the finished product which exceeded our expectations”

– Angela

“Surpassed expectations, great communication and technical know-how, very professional”

– Corrie

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